Licensure & Disclosures



Bell Commercial Real Estate Advisors, LLC  ("BELL") is a licensed active real estate firm in the states of GA, SC, TN, and VA.  

John Michael Bell ("MICHAEL") is a licensed real estate broker of record, principal broker, managing broker, or broker in charge in the states of AL, FL, GA, IL, LA, NC, NY, SC, TN, and VA.

Evan Fowler is a licensed broker in GA.


TRUST ACCOUNT DISCLOSURE (a.k.a. Escrow or Deposit):  BELL does NOT accept any trust, escrow, or good faith deposits of any kind related to any transactions.  

All trust, escrow, good faith deposit funds for all transactions (i.e. anyone's money that is not ours) is provided bone or both parties to a transaction directly to, and held by, either a closing attorney, title firm, or closing agent designated by the respective parties to the transaction.  

FAIR HOUSING DISCLOSURE: Pertaining to any contemplated brokerage activity, listing, or agreement; BELL and its brokers do not participate in residential single family housing.  However, with regard to fair housing, our conduct on any and all activities is unbiased with respect to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, of familial status of any party or prospective party to any transaction.

TENNESSEE R.E.C. ADVERTISING DISCLOSURE:  BELL is an independently owned and operated commercial real estate firm.

AGENCY & FIDUCIARY DISCLOSURE:  Each state has unique rules and regulations regarding client and customer representation during commercial real estate transactions.  These requirements include brokerage and advisory services as a transaction broker, single agent, dual agent, exclusive agent, non-exclusive agent, buyer's representative, seller's representative, etc.  Therefore, we honor our fiduciary relationship to the client, customer, or to both parties as a transaction broker in accordance with rules and regulations of each state/REC.  

Our fiduciary and duties and obligations are noteworthy and reflect strict adherence to state and federal law and state real estate commission rules and regulations.  Our responsibilities are circumstantial to each transaction and may vary according to the physical location, type of property, parties to the transaction, how we are engaged and what we are doing, how we are paid, etc.  Please ask us about requisite forms and docs for more pertinent information regarding any activity you may be contemplating. 

INVESTMENTS & PARTNERSHIPS:  Through individual and LLC entities, J. Michael Bell is an active GP and/or LP investor in numerous businesses, properties, and funds, many of which are customers or clients of BELL.  In any situation or transaction where a financial investment is involved or contemplated, BELL will provide written disclosure to all parties prior to any meaningful activity on the transaction.